Lucas Leidinger - p/comp
Sebastian Gille -Sax

Fabian Arends - dr
(Henning Bolte - all about jazz 2018)
Lucas Leidinger is known as a creative mind and idiosyncratic pianist and composer in numerous formations. His latest project "Trio Aurora" searches for new ways and freedoms within self-created structures. "Aurora" - the poetic term for "dawn" stands metaphorically for the "eternally new" - a constant coming into being and passing away again - and the celebration of life from the inspiration of the moment. The "secure" foundation of a double bass is deliberately dispensed with, so that new possibilities of expression arise. In this exciting formation, three strong musical personalities meet and merge into a unity. Saxophonist Sebastian Gille (SWR Jazz Prize winner 2018) is described by the specialist press as "one of the most expressive saxophonists of our time". Pianist and composer Lucas Leidinger is the winner of the Horst and Gretl Will Scholarship for Jazz and Improvised Music of the City of Cologne 2016 and, like the very busy drummer Fabian Arends, has been an integral and active part of the younger German jazz scene for years.
The Inner Shade
Trio Aurora, comprising pianist Lucas Leidinger (1988), saxophonist Sebastian Gille (1983) and drummer Fabian Arends (1990) completed the triple pack with an outstanding performance, intensely focused and coherent."
NRW, Köln, 3.8.2020, Trio Aurora, Lucas Leidinger, Sebastian Gille, Fabian Arends